Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lotus Flower Tattoo - Beauty After Darkness

Have you ever seen a lotus flower at its prime? If you look at it closely, if looks so serene, graceful in all its floating glory and most of all, utterly beautiful but seems of oblivious of its Beauty.

Just going by the fact that a lotus flower is stunning, that may be a great reason for anyone to use it as a tattoo design may it be permanent or temporary. These types of tattoos are famous choices for the womenfolk but nowadays, even men choose lotus flower in tattoo design. Flower tattoos may not exactly shout masculinity but if you read on below, you will see the reason why even men are attracted to this type of tattoo.

Unknown to other people, this flower, in all its sheer beauty began with a humble beginning, like the ugly duckling in the famous bed time story for kids. The lotus flower starts off as a seed buried deep in mud water. It literally is born out of mud and muck.

Then, just like the ugly duckling transforming to a beautiful swan, the lotus flower emerges out from the mud and carries on to become a flower so beautiful, people endure a painful process just to get it permanently inked on their skin.

So if you are someone who has gone through a very dark period in his or her life and you were able to grow out of this rut and blossom into a fine person with a beautiful life, then you may want to consider a lotus flower tattoo.

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By Matthew J Stine

Friday, October 1, 2010